Monday, April 27, 2009

Grounds are Shaping Up

The first stages of a project are always the most frustrating. A project of this size in a short time frame....even more frustrating! While you take the time to choose colors, choose carpeting, choose furniture, and choose paint it FEELS like nothing is being accomplished because you can't actually see any progress. we are with something tangible, something beautiful! We have almost totally completed the initial outside landscaping spring clean up, and I am thrilled with the results. So much the better to have found a lively, energetic, fun and ORGANIC landscaper!

It will be a few weeks before things start to fill in, but in the meantime, all the beds are cleaned, newly cut in, and organic mulch is feeding the soil throughout the grounds. The hardest part right now is showing some patience regarding all the wonderful projects that this beautiful land just calls out for. It is fun to have some sunny spaces to show off color, and I find myself dreaming of the herb garden....and nasturiums galore.
Casey Sullivan of Organic Innovations and Landscaping in Brunswick was quick to our aid last week and today to whip these beds into shape and prepare our grounds for upcoming weddings and celebrations. Casey is the owner and oversees each project from beginning to end. I can picture a lovely summer day with guests enjoying our afternoon intermezzo out on the side lawn relaxing in the adirondack chairs, sipping lemonade and enjoying what I know will become our famous Danforth scones!